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Boarding & Daycare

Bring your dog for the day to socialize while you're at work or book a stay overnight so your fur baby can enjoy a cozy home instead of a cage at a boarding facility. 

Daycare $25/dog/day

Bring your dog to play with friends and to get used to being around other dogs & people. I typically have 5 dogs during the week and 10 on weekends. I try to keep my limit at 8, but I'll go over capacity if there are requests from well-behaved repeat clients.

I specialize in dominance and anxiety training and will make sure your pup socializes at a speed they're comfortable with and can help train out some dominance issues so they'll play nicer at dog parks and during walks. I introduce a few dogs at a time to acclimate them slowly and let them say hi to everyone behind the safety of a baby gate for a bit if they are really anxious.

I keep a well-behaved and friendly pack by turning away dogs that are too hyperactive or aggressive. There's an additional cost for intact males, puppies, or dogs that have behavioral issues.

Not only will your dog be tired and happy from all the excitement, but hopefully they'll also make some play friends.

Make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!



It doesn't get better than kennel-free boarding. Take comfort in the fact that there is someone with your dog overnight and that your dog is sleeping in a cozy home. 

The dogs sleep wherever they want. In the bed, couch, guest rooms, kitchen, hallway, etc. They get to literally make themselves at home.

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